Why InstaVid?

More visibility, More to Discover.

Adding InstaVid to your current video program provides a stop gap between the time you initially bring inventory in and the time it takes to shoot photos/and or videos.
Even if you have never taken photos of your new inventory before, why miss out on the additional SEO by not having a Dealership branded video of your entire inventory.
Why wait to show off your inventory until you have taken pictures when InstaVid can provide VIN specific videos for both your NEW and USED inventory NOW.
Once you are take photos and/or video of your vehicles, the InstaVid videos will be replaced with a new video using your new photos and/or video automatically.
If you decide not to take photos of your new inventory, don't worry. InstaVid videos will remain up as long as that vehicle is on your lot.
In most cases, video is more effective than printed copy because it is quick, visual and to the point.

Each InstaVid created video is short and includes:

  • Talented voiceovers detailing your product benefits and features.
  • Remarkable graphics giving your message an eye-catching, professional look and feel on top of stock photos of each vehicle.

Once the video is completed, it will be syndicated over the internet for millions to view. The need for speed and exposure are the name of the game, and today's consumers live in a fast-pace, never yielding market that demands just that.
With InstaVid in your corner, not only will you be able to send out timely, relevant information through the right media source; the additional exposure can increase your profits and brand recognition within the consumer market.

To view an InstaVid sample, click here.



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