The Automotive vertical is our core area of expertise. Working with this sector for almost 20 years now has provided our team with a wide reaching knowledge and understanding in this market.


We’ve produced a wide variety of solutions for companies within the automotive industry. The solutions center around a video platform that was built specifically for one client. That product now is used by thousands of car dealerships nationwide. This break into the auto industry has opened up many doors for us to work with many new industry. We’ve created multiple mobile apps that allow clients to complete a wide variety of tasks. From taking inventory pictures or videos and automatically updating websites, to using mobile apps as a marketing tool for salespeople to communicate with their customers. Concat Systems has also had the opportunity to create web application platforms that have powered 100’s of automotive dealership websites. Inventory management, inventory syndication to third party websites/portals, and video generation are all aspects of what we’ve created within the Automotive space. Concat Systems has developed end to end massive platforms with full horizontal integration and vertical integrated into the ecosystem.


The platform spans across several domains, environments and platforms. We have built Android, iPhone apps to collect inventory related data from users and process them. We have several systems which are distributed across Dedicated, Cloud Environments and Serverless Environments which communicate via micro-services. We use Custom Scaling to handle the huge amount of traffic, on top of a Cloud environment to deliver smooth performance. We process streaming data, batch data and transactional data. we have a massive monitoring system which measure all the metrics associated which tracks the performance of every aspect of the system and proactively catch all the issues before hand and keep the system running as smooth and efficient as possible.


Currently more than 4000 dealers are using this product across the nation. The system handles more than 10 Million visitors on a daily basis. The system processes several 100s of GBs of data on a daily basis. The system creates and serves over 25 TB of data on a monthly basis. It uses swarms of Cloud Servers and all other Cloud related technologies to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently.


We have built a detailed custom analytics system for our customers which suit their needs.
We analyze structured and unstructured data to build a complete picture, derive insights and use the insights to track their performance and provide results to the customers.


We’re always looking to stay up to date on the latest industry trends, products, technologies and client desires. By attending conferences like NADA, Digital Dealer, Driving Sales, and others on a consistent basis, we’re able to do just that.