Predictive Modeling & Data Analytics

We analyze structured and unstructured data to build a complete picture, derive insights and use the insights to solve problems and provide results for you. We make your data work for you, by building end to end data pipelines to tame your large amounts of data and extract the insights from it. We can work with Logs, offline files, and streaming data very effectively by using the appropriate tools. By using machine learning and AI to analyze, train and build models, your current and historical data will help you to predict and forecast based on data, not gut feelings.


We perform the below four kinds of Analytics:

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics condenses a large amount of data into smaller useful modules of information, and is generally known as the “what” when looking at data. It primarily uses data aggregation and data mining to provide insights.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics are used to determine “why” something happened. This is the deep dive into the data that generally identifies the root cause of the outcome.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are utilized to assist in determining forecasts, or what can happen in the future. Data Mining, Statistical Modeling, and Machine Learning techniques are used to identify these forecasts.

Prescriptive Analytics

Following the Predicted outcome, Prescriptive Analytics can recommend actions based on past data, machine learning algorithms, and outside data sources

These are some of the tools we use to provide analytics solutions

Apache Spark
Apache Hadoop
Amazon RedShift
Google BigQuery